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The wild is a powerful place. Able to care for itself since the beginning of time, observing the secrets of the natural world has the potential to unlock unlimited healthcare solutions. At Vet + Instinct we believe the keys to a long and healthy life for animals lies within native environments. Our job is to scientifically detect these indigenous solutions and extract them for use in the modern habitat to improve the lives of pets. We have found that tracing the ancestry of the dog to its primal origins to formulate products that solve today’s problems with organic solutions is extremely powerful. In fact, its instinctual.

Our supplements are formulated by experts based on sound science and produce noticeable results with the first container – or your money back. Guaranteed. We use only the highest quality ingredients and manufacture all our products in the USA at audited human grade facilities. We are proud to be members of, and audited by, the National Animal Supplement Council, the highest standard in companion animal pet supplements, as well as the American Pet Products Association.

At Vet + Instinct, we apply the power of science + nature to naturally solve the most complex canine veterinary problems.

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